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It's official - #9 Grundpark Rd is Available!

Well, #9 Grundpark Rd is finally available. It'll be another week or so before it's available through Amazon, Kindle or Nook. In the meantime, you can check it out at http://allthingsthatmatterpres s.blogspot.com/ orhttp://www.allthingsthatmatter press.com/buynow.htm
Let me know if you need any more info and of course I`m always interested in minions who will do my bidding :)

#9 Grundpark Road Update

The final edits are complete and #9 Grundpark Road is on its way to the next publishing stage. I'm excited to see the cover ideas that will develop.

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#9 Grundpark Road is on the path to publishing by:

All Things That Matter Press!

Randy has completed his second book, #9 Grundpark Road. Daniel, a foster boy from Alberta is sold into slavery and shipped to British Columbia.

There he learns that there are sad similarities between growing up in foster care and working as a slave, but his most significant lesson comes when he realizes that he is the key to his own future. This self-taught lesson guides him though his adventures.

Experience his tears and his triumphs as he grows into a man and overcomes the obstacles set before him by his sad beginnings.





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